Visual Practitioner

Learn the power of visualisation to capture information, communicate ideas, and stimulate creative thinking.
Visual Practitioner

What is a Visual Practitioner?

Visual practitioners work in person and online in many settings, such as:

  • strategic planning, leadership development & change management meetings
  • conferences, summits & workshops
  • curriculum design & education
  • innovation & brainstorming sessions
  • consulting & coaching
75 learning videos

Learn at your own pace! Our learning program consist out of 75 short learning videos. We show you the tips and hacks which you can use to build your skillset as a Visual Practitioner.

Learning community

Joining this program also means unlimited access to our learning community of Visual Practitioners, graphic facilitators, coaches and trainers.

We share experiences and resources to further your learning and support your to build your skills and business as a Visual Practitioner!

50+ years of experience

Steff is a graphic designer, trainer, coach and facilitator. She brings more than 25 years of experience as a certified trainer and visual practitioner.

Karl is a visual practitioner, coach and trainer. He also brings more than 25 years of experience as a trainer and facilitator.




Start to Draw!

Build your Material Awareness

The Visual Alphabet

Visual Awareness

Draw toons!

How to use colors and shadows

Create focus using composition

How to improve your typography

Flip chart hacks

Using emotions and energy

The Neuroscience of Visualisation

Be a Visual Coach

Be a Visual Facilitator

Be a Visual Teacher

Be a Visual Storyteller

Visual Practitioner Certification

Steff Vanhaverbeke

Als gecertificeerd NLP trainer combineert Steff Neuro-Linguïstisch Programmeren met systeemtheorie.

Karl Mortier

Visueel Verhalenverteller - Hybrid Environments - Visual Problemsolver - Visual Facilitator Trainer Coach


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